GSA Proposals: All Work and No Play, No Way

Fedmarket is here to tell you it is possible to prepare a GSA Schedule proposal, written to win, without losing your sanity.

Anyone familiar with preparing a GSA Schedule proposal will tell you that it's a beast of a project. So much so that many vendors throw their hands up in frustration and continue to try to get by without a schedule. Don't be that vendor.

All work and no play, no way. 
Take a three-day trip to San Diego, CA and enjoy miles of sandy beaches and attractions and leave with a completed GSA Schedule proposal in hand. The process is so painless you might wish you could enjoy San Diego longer. 

Fedmarket's GSA Proposal eLab Plus will be held in San Diego, CA on July 26 - 28, 2011.
>>Call 888 661 4094, Ext. 2 for more information.

Why Fedmarket?
Fedmarket's batting average stands at 999. In fact, clients who have taken advantage of Fedmarket's GSA consulting services have experienced unparalleled success in negotiating their proposals. You ask why we aren't batting .1000. Because those companies claiming a 100% success rate are not being entirely truthful nor have they handled a fraction of the proposals that Fedmarket has.  Beware of those touting a 100% success rate. 

Wait, there's more -
Not only will you leave with a professionally-prepared GSA Schedule proposal, you will have learned invaluable contract administration tools and federal sales strategies. Read about the complimentary GSA products and services provided to all GSA eLabPlus attendees . . .

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