GSA Penalizes All for Lack of Compliance

GSA schedule contract compliance is not that hard but it takes careful day-to-day control of discounts and sales force transactions to stay compliant.

Don't make the mistake of assuming you have your bases covered. GSA collects millions, yes, millions, every year from companies that "assumed" they were in compliance.

Why RISK it?

We have your back. For a limited time Fedmarket is offering you an education in GSA schedule compliance and a web-based software program to assure you complete and properly track your compliance tasks.

Attend the seminar "Audit Proof Your GSA Schedule Contract" (available online) and learn the risks, requirements, and unwritten rules of compliance. Take home a complementary, perpetual subscription to Fedmarket's GSA eContract Manager.

You can't beat this deal.  Your GSA schedule contract has the potential to serve you well for 20 years,   invest $500 to assure you keep it. 

Call 888 661 4094, Ext 2.  For details or to take advantage of this one-time offer. 

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For inquiries, call 301 652 9504. Press 2.

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