GSA Gets Agressive, Audits Intensify

A recent Inspector General (IG) audit showed the General Services Administration (GSA) some stunning news; they were woefully shortchanged by GSA vendors.  In 2011 only 36% of fees due were collected by GSA contracting officers, the fault appears to be shared by GSA vendors many of whom lack adequate systems for reporting.  GSA was underpaid by an estimated $165.5 million, a sum those in the administration vow to collect by implementing an aggressive approach to recovering any fees due.

Stay on the right side of GSA.  Auditors are under more pressure to collect funds and penalize vendors with non-complaint or inadequate accounting systems.  GSA compliance can be confusing for vendors and administrators, Fedmarket's GSA Contract Manager breaks down the steps, and includes detailed descriptions and directions. No prior knowledge of GSA compliance is needed to follow. Reminders are posted and available via email to keep your reporting timely. Details

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