Fedmarket Revolutionizes GSA Proposal Writing Process

Fedmarket has revolutionized GSA Schedule proposal preparation.

GSA eProposal is a proprietary software product that takes the guess work out of GSA Schedule proposal writing and allows companies to submit a GSA Schedule proposal through eOffer, the official web portal of the General Services Administration (GSA). Fedmarket has emulated income tax software and made GSA Schedule document preparation quick and easy. Just fill in corporate data and the software does the work for you. Enter your company name once instead of upwards to 30 times and the software updates the required documents automatically.

The benefits of GSA eProposal include:

  • Clarifies the actual GSA Schedule Request for Proposal and related documents and simplifies the preparation of the proposal
  • Assists users in preparing proposal documents with "help guided" online templates
  • Organizes and formats your proposal for you
  • Assures proposal is 100% compliant with GSA's requirements
  • Reduces the time it takes GSA to review your proposal
  • Eliminates common errors that result in proposal rejections
  • Maximizes your profits through providing you with invaluable pricing and negotiating strategies

How GSA eProposal works

GSA eProposal is an easy to use, online business process that allows users to prepare a GSA schedule proposal quickly and then submit the proposal electronically through GSA eOffer. Instructions embedded in each required document and form assist the user by providing:

  • Plain English Help instructions that explain what GSA requires in a proposal and why it is required
  • Web-enabled Excel and Word tables with sample data and directions for completing each row and column
  • Examples of completed forms
  • Outlines for producing required content and suggested language that users refine to reflect their company's specific circumstances

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