Federal Buying Service

Fedmarket provides services to federal buyers to make purchasing of a product or service easy and fast. Fedmarket has been in the federal purchasing business for 17 years and has purchasing specialists who understand the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR), strategic sourcing policies, Basic Ordering Agreements (BOAs), and Multiple Award Contracts (MACs).

Quotes obtained on you behalf will be will be compliant with FAR. Our fees will be absorbed by the quoting company and at no cost to federal buyers. Fees will range from 0.1 to 3 % depending on the amount of the final order and the work expended to assist in the transaction.

Buyers may use our buying services at no cost as follows and requirements will be processes in 24 - 48 hours.

  1. Email rwhite@fedmarket.com with your requirements. Or contact Richard White, CEO of Fedmarket, at 301.908.0546. He has 50 years of experience in federal purchasing and will supervise all transactions for FAR compliance.
  2. Our specialist will provide you with three price quotes with price justification for each without identifying the companies providing the quotes. Price justification information will comply with the FAR requirement for the purchase.
  3. You choose the preferred quote and/or ask for additional quotes and further price justification.
  4. Our specialist negotiates our service fee with the vendor submitting the selected quote and the vendor pays us by credit card for our services. We will process the transaction to its completion if a vendor elects not to pay the service fee.

Purchasing requirements will be sourced in the following order.

  1. Vendors specified by the buyer by company name and Duns Number, estimated order amount, preferred federal purchasing vehicle (if known)
  2. Vendors with awarded BOAs
  3. Existing GWACs for the product or service
  4. Agency specific IDIQs (for the buyers agency)
  5. System for Award Management (SAM) by NAICs code
  6. Open market pricing from commercial companies. All open market prices will be identified as such

We will notify you of a successful transaction. Buyers will issue a purchase order for small open purchases; use a credit card for micro purchases; and use prescribed ordering procedures for multiple award contracts.

Federal buyers and companies may register for the service by sending an email to rwhite@fedmarket.com with name, agency (company), and contact information. Registration is not necessary to use our buying service. Registrants will be sent emails monthly about the service.

The specialist assigned to your requirement will be available by phone and email to provide order status information and information needed to show FAR compliance with the FAR.

Fedmarket will also assist federal buyers is sourcing buys on a fully loaded hourly rate basis. Buyers may purchase 10 hours @ $ 250 per hour of buying service for a fixed open market price of $ 2,500.

Wood River Technologies, Inc. (dba as Fedmarket) has a GSA Schedule 574 MOBIS, SIN 874 6 Acquisition Support Management Modification.

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