Do Not Wait for the Federal Market to Kick Back In

The storm has come and gone yet the sequestration issue remains unresolved, and the future of federal spending is uncertain. Despite these issues the government is, and will remain the best bet for business in these trying times.

Congress and both parties agree that we have to deal with sequestration and the fiscal cliff right after the November 2012 election. In federal speak that means in 6 - 12 months. Our government has serious fiscal issues to face but we still remain the most powerful economic force in the world and somehow our problems must and will be tackled.

Solutions will require that contractors step in to support the solutions to our economic problems, procurement opportunities will be back in full force.

Act now. The sales cycle in the federal market can be 6 - 12 months long, and many of these opportunities will require you be a GSA schedule holder.  It can take months to obtain a GSA schedule.   Waiting for a clear picture of the market will be too late. Companies who currently hold GSA schedules and other multiple award contracts will be in a position to respond quickly to the required requests to solutions.

Long story short, don't move your plans to obtain a GSA schedule to the back burner. It is still the best way for a small-medium size business to compete with the larger companies who dominate federal sales.

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