Do Not Open Yourself Up to Whistle Blowers

A whistle-blower exposure caused the federal government to claw back $200 million dollars from the Oracle Corporation for GSA schedule Price Reduction Clause violations. In many GSA schedule contractors, the sales organization may not want to know about the GSA schedule Price Reduction Clause discounting restrictions.

"Let me make my commission today, who will know in the long run. I may be long gone if GSA ever decides to audit."

Fedmarket's GSA eContractManager can protect you from whistle blowers claims of flaws in GSA schedule contract compliance. The product schedules all aspects of GSA schedule contract compliance and your contract manger only has to perform the compliance task by following the steps of the task process.

A calendar reminder module schedules compliance tasks by required date. Each required task includes step-by-step procedures in an online business process.

An email alert message with links to the required task procedure is sent to two individuals designated by your company (the GSA Compliance Officer and an Alternate Compliance Officer person for backup).

Fedmarket's GSA eContractManager manages all aspects of GSA contract compliance including:

  • Compliance with restrictions on discounting practices (the biggest risk factor financially)
  • Paying the GSA Industrial Funding Fee (IFF) on time
  • Making best efforts to subcontract according to your small business subcontracting plan (large businesses only)
  • Submitting required reports on time
  • Price increase contract modifications
  • Price file uploads to GSAAdvantage!
  • Option period renewals
  • Alerts you via email when a task is coming due

The GSA eContractManager can track multiple schedules, and is updated as changes in GSA Schedule compliance requirements are made.

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You worked hard to win your GSA Schedule award.  Don't blow it now by overlooking a routine administrative task.

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