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Most companies think their competitors are worthless and that they alone have the best product or service known to man. Government buyers have heard "we are the best" so many times that it makes them scream when they hear it. Buyers want to hear simple facts backed with evidence. They have hundreds of vendors barraging them with messages. To get through the flack you need a sales pitch, which distinguishes you from the pack. Distinguish yourself through your initial message to the customer. Ideally, buyers want to talk to only the companies that sell precisely what they need so they do the best they can to narrow down the field to best value companies. To counter the competition, you need a distinguishing message to get through the glass wall encountered by all sales people, government or commercial.

Your message should not be delivered via a link to a web site or a glossy brochure. Such tactics don't work in today's market. Both give the immediate impression that you don't want to take the time to determine what the federal purchaser needs.

The message must cut to the heart of the customer's problem. The sales pitch must be individually tailored to the federal buyer's specific needs. Otherwise, it will be quickly cast aside or dismissed. And it needs to be best value based.

Accessing federal buyer contact data is by design a difficult process. The data is hidden in federal purchasing databases because federal buyers like to keep incoming sales calls down to a minimum. Yet this is the most valuable data a vendor can gather; direct contact information for a buyer who buys what you sell.

Fedmarket extracts buyer contact information from federal purchasing databases using advanced search technologies. FedBuying Intelligence provides subscribers with both contact information and the solicitation document.

Fedmarket reverse engineers federal procurement databases to show subscribers the following:

  • contracting office
  • buyer name
  • phone
  • e-mail address
  • specifics of the purchase (who, what, when and where, and for how much.)

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