Contract vehicle? Is it a truck carrying contracts?

Contract vehicle? Is it a truck carrying contracts or some other confusing phrase in federal contracting. "Contract vehicle" is broad and confusing term that covers any rule, policy, or method that can be used to close a federal sales quickly with limited or no competition. After selling a federal end user a product or service, the government must have a legal way to transact a deal with you, i. e., pay you.

Contract vehicle include:

GSA schedule contracts (approved price lists for use by all federal buyer)

  • Multiple award schedule contract
  • A sole source, credit card purchase (usually under $3,500)
  • A purchase order for small purchases (under $25,000)
  • Any program giving preferences to a defined class including small businesses, small disadvantaged businesses, women-owned businesses, veteran-owned businesses, businesses located within a HUB zone, etc.

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