Contact Data for Military Buyers

You can't make a sale without making contact.  Make contact with buyers who purchase for the agency that buys everything; the Department of Defense.  If you sell it they buy it; from baby diapers to bombs. 

Contact Data Available:
Department of the Navy: Over 6400 Buyers -  $400
Department of the Army: Over 6800 Buyers - $400
Department of the Air Force: Over 15,000 Buyers - $500
Or buy all 3 lists for $850

Buy Now or Call 888-661-4094, Ext. 2 to learn more.

Records include: Agency, Office, Location, Buyer's name, Telephone number and E-mail address. Data is in Microsoft Excel format.

Sales Tip: There are military buyers in your region.  Get your share of federal spending by contacting buyers at military bases near you.

Need more information? Contact me.

Visit Fedmarket
For inquiries, call 888 661 4094, Press 2.

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