Conformed QIO RFP Available

Fedmarket is offering two products for QIOs.

1. A Conformed RFP

The conformed RFP updates the currently official RFP published by CMS by incorporating the changes shown in the latest CMS Q&As. Deletions are shown as strike-throughs and additions are shown in red.  The Conformed RFP IS NOT AN OFFICIAL RFP.  However the conformed RFP is a valuable tool for proposal writers awaiting an official RFP from CMS.

2. Updated QIO Proposal Templates and Accompanying Proposal Writing Services

Our Proposal Templates are based on the latest information published at by CMS.

The cost of the Conformed RFP is $500, call Shelly Gluck at 888-661-4094, Ext. 5811 to purchase.

To purchase Updated Proposal Templates and proposal writing services, call Richard White for pricing at 301-960-5809.


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