Complimentary eBook for Newcomers to Federal Contracting

Washington, DC, Fedmarket - Doing business with the government is neither simple nor easy. The lengthy process of getting business with the government can be be risky for small businesses due to the amount of effort and cost it takes to complete the task.

Richard White's new eBook "Newcomers to the Federal Market: How to Penetrate the Glass Wall" explains exactly how a small business can enter, and prosper in the federal marketplace. "After years of watching small businesses struggle to penetrate the federal market I decided produce a step by step set of instructions for both service and product vendors," stated Richard White, author and CEO of

The ebook reveals strategies small businesses can employ to cut through the complex federal government maze so they can enter the federal market quickly and start working right away. These strategies will save vendors both time and money and are explained, in detail, step by step so readers can follow each step without complications.

"Newcomers to the Federal Market: How to Penetrate the Glass Wall" explains how the federal sales process works not only from a seller's perspective but also from a buyer's perspective to help new vendors gain a clear understanding of the complex and sometimes convoluted government sales process. Mr. White explains, "The federal market presents unlimited opportunities as long as your management has a complete understanding of the market." Based on many years of personal experience in this business, Richard White provides detailed information and perspective. The ebook describes how businesses should get started from "day one" and how it can be done with a minimal amount of pain, time and effort.

Interested vendors can obtain their copy of "Newcomers to the Federal Market: How to Penetrate the Glass Wall" by clicking here.

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