Complete Your GSA Proposal with Minimal Hassle

Fedmarket's Virtual GSA Proposal Preparation eLab can help you stop procrastinating and start profiting from the billions of contracting dollars spent through GSA each year.

Fedmarket's GSA experts coach your team through the process of preparing your company's GSA Schedule proposal. Following our five simple steps, your firm will complete your GSA proposal with minimal hassle.

Step 1 - Fedmarket holds a kick-off session with your staff

  • Arrange for download of Fedmarket's proposal preparation software
  • Explain the proposal writing collaborative process
  • Review GSA's solicitation requirements for making a GSA Schedule offer
  • Review your products and/or services, and determine your pricing and discounting policies

Step 2 - Direct the formulation of a discounting and pricing strategy based kick-off meeting information

  • Hold teleconferences to discuss discounting and pricing strategy
  • Determine best-fit pricing strategy for your GSA pricing structure
  • Assist your with the implementation of the strategy in the proposal

Step 3 - Assist your team in the completion of solicitation requirements and documents. Collaborate with your team on the completion of:

  • The technical sections of the GSA proposal
  • Other required supporting documentation e.g. proposal Attachments
  • GSA administrative items - including Central Contractor Registration, Online Representations and Certifications, evaluation survey, Pathway to Success

Step 4 - For Large businesses as defined by the Small Business Administration (SBA)

  • If you are a Large businesses as defined by the Small Business Administration (SBA), formulate small business subcontracting plan based on your information relative to subcontracting goals

Step 5 - Assist you in finalizing the proposal for submission

  • Assist your team in assembling the draft proposal
  • Review and revise draft proposal with you
  • Review proposal submittal instructions and post-submission steps

The Virtual GSA eLab uses the same software and basic processes as the Fedmarket GSA eLabPlus, but the entire process takes place from your office in virtual meetings and teleconferences. Our GSA specialist and your pricing and sales people work together using collaborative technology to write your GSA schedule proposal. Sessions are held on a set schedule to avoid postponement of the proposal writing process. Five simple steps to completing your GSA proposal with the assistance of a GSA specialist as a coach.

Begin your Virtual GSA eLab today.

Need assistance? Call 301 652 9504, press 2 or have Fedmarket contact you.

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