Common Federal Sales Frustrations

Common Federal Sales Frustrations:
"I'd love to sell to the government but we are a small company with a small sales staff, we really don't know where to begin."

 "I found some bid opportunities I thought were a perfect fit for us, we even struggled through the proposal process, and submitted exactly as requested. We have been through this numerous times. I don't know where we are going wrong."

"So much time and effort went into our last proposal and we lost... again. I'm 99% convinced my company doesn't stand a chance because I'm not a government insider."

Sound familiar?

Spend 90-minutes with Fedmarket CEO, Richard White, and get the truthful answers you have been looking for. You can make it as a federal contractor, we have helped hundreds of companies succeed, and we can do the same for you.

Webinar: Federal Sales 101: Winning Government Business
Date: June 18, 2014
Time: 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM (EST)
Cost: $350 per connection
>>Register here or call 888 661 40 94, Ext 2 to register by telephone.

Federal agencies and congressional officials do not tell the public about the realities of federal sales because it is not in their best interests to do so. In fact, a government sponsored seminar can start a company down the wrong path and divert them from the tough work of direct sales. Richard White is an experienced federal contractor, he has been down the path the right way, and will address the realities and expose the truth about doing business with the government.

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