CCR Vendors: Entering the Federal Marketplace

You are a small to medium sized business located outside the Washington, DC area and you have decided that you want to enter the federal market. What should you do?

1. Develop a List of Potential Federal Buyers

More than 700,000 federal employees purchase products and services worldwide. The key to finding them is focus and the easiest way to find them is through the Internet. Like completing red tape, finding procurement decision makers is not difficult - - it just requires tenacity and research skills. A recent college graduate with Internet research experience can do it and this will save you from using expensive sale people who should be focused on making sales calls.

Use the Internet and painstakingly compile a list of end users who you think may buy your product or service. Consider monitoring (the federal public bid site) to see what contracting officers are buying. You can go to agency procurement forecast web pages and monitor the Washington, DC press. Your staff can attend government-sponsored procurement conferences or you can ask your Congressman who is buying what. Or you can buy Fedmarket end user lists, save confusion and untold research dollars, and focus immediately on making the required sales calls.

2. Begin Making Sales Calls and Hire and Train a Full Time Federal Sales Person

You should begin making federal sales calls immediately and also hire and train a full-time federal sales person if you don't have one. You ask "How can we start direct federal sales immediately if we do not have an experienced federal sales person?" Have an owner, a principal, or your commercial sales manager start making federal sales calls. This may dirty their hands a bit but someone has to do it. They will soon learn that the same rejection occurs when making cold sales calls to federal customers as it does when calling upon commercial customers. In fact, the sales process is identical in both markets. The federal market is just bigger and requires more intense focus. On a positive note, the federal customer will be a bit nicer when throwing up the roadblocks to meeting with you.

The ideal situation would be for your company to find a person with federal sales experience. If you cannot find such a person, you will need to train him or her. First, have them read our business development whitepapers at Fedmarket. Then have the sales person sign up to attend one of our federal training seminars.  Our experienced federal sales trainers will immerse your sales person in the reality of federal sales and show him or her how to operate on the federal sales firing line.

3. Opt in to a new weekly e-mail series by Richard White based on his book "Cracking the $500 Billion Federal Market"  covering topics integral to vendors new to the government marketplace.   Richard White, a 43-year veteran of the federal marketplace examines the challenges faced by small businesses hoping to break into the federal market. View the topics covered in the weekly e-mail series,click here.

The federal marketplace is not just for a select group of elite businesses; there are opportunities for everyone. Federal procurement officials must, by mandate, direct a portion of their annual purchases to various types of small businesses. If your company sells it, there's an excellent chance that the federal government buys it.  Learn more, opt in today - Click here

Fedmarket has been helping companies win government business since 1995. We have been featured in the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, and other trade publications. Our customer testimonials speak to our competence and expertise in helping customers win federal business. We have been singled out by public and private organizations -- including the Small Business Administration and federally-funded Procurement Technical Assistance Centers -- as the most comprehensive government contracting resource in the industry. Our web site's free content includes informative newsletters on GSA Schedules, Proposal Writing and Federal Business Development.

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