Bridge the Culture Gap Between Commercial and Federal Markets

Companies launching an effort to sell products or services to the federal government invariably run head-on into a culture gap.

  • The language of federal contracting is frequently obscure and nearly impossible to interpret.
  • Federal buying rules and contract compliance requirements are burdensome and littered with red tape.
  • Government contracting officers need to demonstrate that bidding is competitive; how to avoid being nit-picked to death during negotiations is a mystery to most companies.
  • The mindset of buyers for the federal government is quite different from that of people making buying decisions in the commercial sector.
  • Proposal writing decisions--when to bid, how to price, what elements are required to ensure your effort is considered "responsive" and compliant--make it a different world than commercial proposal writing.
  • Once you have a contract with the federal government, figuring out the reporting requirements, how to stay in contract compliance, and which contract clauses are important and which you can more or less ignore is difficult to discern without guidance.

Fedmarket's 2-day federal sales and contracting survival camp teaches the fundamentals of how to succeed in the federal marketplace.

Event: 2-Day Executive Session on Winning Federal Contracts - For itinerary and more information about our speakers visit our webpage.
Date: August 17 - 18, 2011
Location: Bethesda, MD or attend a live broadcast virtually

Designed for executives and sales managers, this full-immersion course covers all of the critical elements of federal sales and contracting. The goal of the 2-day event is to provide you with core knowledge about the federal market: the pluses and minuses of market entry, sales are made, and what works and what doesn't. Topics presented in one hour segments include:

  • Federal sales strategies and how they differ from the commercial market.
  • Opportunity identification and sales planning
  • The new trend toward multi-vendor contacts
  • Small business preference programs: Who qualifies, and how to qualify
  • GSA schedule contracts--the small business route to federal sales
  • Contract risks and how to avoid them
  • Cost accounting requirements
  • Proposal writing: It's a unique game and how to play it
  • Proposal pricing, contract types and how to price them
  • Security clearances, who may get them and how
  • Bid protests: When and when not to protest

Both onsite and netcast attendees will leave Fedmarket's 2-Day course with a complete education on the fundamentals of federal sales and contracting, well equipped to answer the question "Should we enter the strange, frustrating, and mysterious world of selling to the federal market?"

888-661-4094, Ext 2.

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