Are You New to Federal Proposal Writing?

Are there any secrets to writing a winning government proposal?
Unfortunately, no, but there are two underlying fundamentals to success:

  • Use templates
  • Outline before you write

If you are new to federal proposal writing, ease the pain and the learning curve by using Fedmarket's Proposal Writing Template. The template will assist novice and experienced proposal writers by:

  1. Ensuring Compliance - The online system causes you to inherently play defense by questioning any RFP flaw, including flaws in the requirements, proposal instructions, evaluation criteria, and so forth.
  2. Reducing Proposal Costs - The key to reducing proposal costs is model text, properly tailored to fit the RFP requirements and the customer.
  3. Eliminating "Circling" - If done first the outline eliminates the endless circling around the proposal writing project and wasted billable time, as everyone tries to communicate what the proposal should contain without anyone actually writing anything.
  4. Helping Writers with Writers Block - The online system produces a precise and organized road-map for multiple writers. One of the purposes of the system is to make writing seem like filling in the gaps in an outline.
  5. Minimizing Protest Risk - The system helps you fend off protests against an award to your company by making your proposal bulletproof--compliant in every way.

Priced at $490, you will see a return on investment immediately in billable hours. View the outline and overview of the proposal template content, we've done the bulk of the proposal writing process for you. 

Order now, your proposal template will be available to you once your order is processed.

Need more information? Contact me.

For more information or to order by phone, call 888 661 4094 and press 2 to speak to a Fedmarket representative.

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