Alliant 2 SB is All about Eligibility, Complexity, and Compliance

Alliant 2 SB can make or break a small information technology (IT) service business. Particularly small businesses that do not hold another GSA IT GWAC. The experience based numeric scoring scheme used for Alliant 2 SB looks straight forward and many bidders are saying: "what a relief GSA is not requiring pages of content within the technical approach and management plan." Don't be fooled.

First, eligibility determination is complex and ultimately boils down to management judgement and risk assessment. GSA is planning to award to 80 small businesses and the eligibility requirements will reduce the number of bidders.

Second, the OASIS, HCaTS, and VETS procurements use the same type of GSA's "new way" scoring scheme. Experience with these three procurements shows that the new experience-based scoring scheme can be deceiving. Bidders can be easily tossed out because of non-compliance with the complex file requirements.

The rare bidder with a high potential score can be required to submit up to 50 files using the required RFP formats, each labeled correctly, and placed in the right order within seven (7) volumes. The average bidder will probably submit 30 - 40 files, though fewer, equally cumbersome to manipulate.

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