Alliant 2 SB Self Scoring

The Alliant 2/ Alliant 2 SB deadline is approaching, get the help you need now and submit a compliant proposal on August 29, 2016

Alliant 2/ Alliant 2 SB  are too important to gamble with. Let professionals assist you in completing a proposal that results in an award.

The self-scoring method used in Alliant 2/Alliant 2 SB is proving to be more difficult to complete than contractors first anticipated.  It requires great attention to detail, any deviation from the requirements will place you in non-compliance and your proposal will be exiled to the "no" pile. 

GSA used the same type of scoring method for HCaTS. Fedmarket provided proposal writing services for HCaTS and each proposal submitted resulted in an award.

  • You must have a strategy in place to maximize your score.
  • The new experience-based scoring scheme can be deceiving. Bidders can be easily tossed out because of non-compliance with the complex file requirements.
  • Eligibility determination is complex and ultimately boils down to management judgement and risk assessment. GSA is planning to award to 80 small businesses and the eligibility requirements will reduce the number of bidders.

Our Alliant 2 and Alliant 2 Small Business Services are:

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