After Sandy: The Government Needs You Now

It's unfortunate that it takes a natural disaster to bolster business in the government marketplace, but it's the truth.  Sandy, our most recent destructive visitor has left much of the northeast in ruins. Many state and local agencies can purchase directly through the General Services Administration (GSA) when disaster strikes, doing so enables closing the deal quickly and getting the contract underway asap.  President Obama said he doesn't want any red-tape to slow down recovery projects. Timeliness is crucial, and the lengthy bid process has to be circumvented to address the urgency.  Sandy won't be the last storm to pound us, we all know- there's more to come.  Get in line now, if you are too late to sell yourself for this recovery, position yourself to assist the government next time.  At this rate, next time is right around the corner.

More information for GSA Schedule holders - GSA Disaster Recovery Program

Register with FEMA - Recovery work for Sandy with generally go to contractors who currently have relationships with FEMA. Subcontracting is always an option, locate the primes while you are doing the leg work to create relationship for future business opportunities.

If your business is certified under one of the government's small business preference programs, the primes are looking for you.  This list of prime contractors for the Department of Homeland Security including primes working for FEMA. 

One thing is certain, the government is always open for business, let them know you are out there and always ready to sell.

If you're unsure of how to:

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Visit Fedmarket
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