Advanced Proposal Writing : EVMS Certification

Federal entities are increasingly demanding that contractors use earned value management systems (EVMS) when managing federal projects, and that they do so using an earned value management system that has been certified. The goal of certification programs is to ensure that a contractor's EVMS is in conformance with ANSI/EIA-748, the gold standard for EVMS. This means in part that the system is capable of providing an objective measure of progress, the key to EVM, and that the contractor is able to make effective use of the system. In addition, if you provide IT products or services you must meet the requirements of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Circular A-11 for a performance-based management system for IT capital investments.

Different federal agencies address EVMS certification differently. Some agencies will perform their own certification up front, and you must be proactive in requesting that the agency inspect your system. Increasingly we are seeing agencies turning to self-certification which is, in essence, a statement that says your business has an EVMS in place that is compliant with all the requirements listed in ANSI/EIA-748. It is worth noting that government agencies relying on self-certifications will perform after-the-fact inspections to keep you honest.

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