ALLIANT 2 SB is Both Highly Coveted and Feared

ALLIANT 2 SB is Both Highly Coveted and Feared by Small IT Service Businesses

Fedmarket customers ask two reoccurring questions about ALLIANT 2 SB.

Question: We don't want to invest in writing a complex proposal and lose; we are having difficulties determining if we are eligible.

Answer: No one can precisely predict knows how many points it will take to receive an award until the number of bidders is determined. After talking with over a hundred small businesses, we find that almost everyone fears GSA's complex point scoring scheme and is on the fence about bidding.

Not many small businesses have systems, certifications, and clearances and maybe one or two companies will receive the 7,500 points for organizational risk assessment. With 80 awards and the inherent reluctance to bid, 30 40 points will probably be enough to receive an award. It's all about project experience and performance ratings. 80 awards are a lot if GSA receives 100 - 150 proposals. Receiving limited bids from "large" small businesses may be the purpose of the complex scoring scheme.

Question: GSA only wants documents proving that we should receive points under their scoring scheme. No technical writing is required; so why would your ALLIANT 2 SB model proposal be valuable?   

Answer: Our model proposal is even more valuable that a "traditional" RFP requiring written content because the ALLIANT 2 SB RFP is a file formatting nightmare creating a high risk of non-compliance. You could have more than 50 files to organize and format by volume and label according to the RFP. The average offeror will probably have to submit 20 - 30 files.

Our model provides a compliant draft proposal formatted per the RFP for all seven (7) volumes. You can focus on collecting the required documents without worrying about file formatting and compliance.

See Proposal Format Table on Page 106 of RFP. Take a crack at formatting a volume to assess the value of our services.

Our Alliant 2 SB Proposal Services are:

>> Call (888) 661 - 4094, Ext. 2, for Alliant 2 assistance and advice.

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