A GSA Schedule Contract Can Increase Your Win Rate

A GSA Schedule contract allows government buyers to acquire a wide array of products and services directly from commercial suppliers. By obtaining a GSA Schedule contract, a commercial supplier significantly increases its probability of winning government business.

PROS: When a federal buyer purchases through a GSA contract, the cumbersome public bid process is legally circumvented. Federal buyers are increasingly using Schedule contractors when closing purchases because the use of a Schedule contract allows for a quick and efficient transaction.

CONS: In order for a vendor to obtain a GSA Schedule contract, a proposal must be submitted to GSA for its review and, hopefully, approval. GSA's Request for Proposal is lengthy and confusing. Preparing your proposal is even more so. Hiring a GSA consultant to complete the process can cost a company many thousands of dollars. Until now, the cost associated with hiring consultants has prohibited many small businesses from becoming approved GSA vendors.

SOLUTION: Fedmarket offers an affordable, convenient solution designed with small businesses in mind, the GSA Proposal Virtual eLab.

The GSA Proposal Virtual eLab allows you to complete your proposal without stepping away from your business.  Which means no travel time, no travel costs. Our GSA consultants work with you and at your convenience.  This setup allows you to toggle your efforts to accommodate your busy calendar and keep the ball rolling with respect to the preparation of your proposal.  Our competitors charge from $15,000 to $50,000 for similar services. Using our innovative approach and available technology, Fedmarket is able to price the GSA Proposal Virtual eLab at $5,200. Our virtual GSA eLab instructors also provide clients with the training and strategies necessary to negotiate with GSA, manage the contract following contract award, and eliminate audit risks.

Begin your Virtual GSA eLab today.

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White paper: GSA Schedules--A Vendor's Path to Federal Sales
Thinking about trying to sell your goods or services to the federal government but don't know where to start? Fedmarket's complimentary white paper spells it out from A to Z. Download GSA Schedules--A Vendor's Path to Federal Sales today.

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