8(a), HUBZone and WOSBs: Get Certified and Leverage Your Status

Preferences in government contracting were established to give small businesses a fair share of federal contracting dollars.  Each year a percentage of contracts are labeled as "set aside" for different types of small businesses. Such contracts can only be bid upon by small businesses which fit under the definition of that particular set aside. For example, certain contracting opportunities may be set aside for only veteran-owned small businesses, or HUBZone small businesses, and so on. 

Fedmarket can help you leverage your small business status.

Fedmarket strongly recommends that small business owners consider attending one of the following in order to ensure that your business will be prepared to seize a set-aside opportunity.  You know what they say, "Fail to prepare and prepare to fail." 

Fedmarket's Preference Programs Tools and Services:

SBA 8(a) Application eLab - March 15 -16, 2012
A 2-day workshop during which you will, with the help of our experts, complete the paperwork required for SBA 8(a) certification.

SBA 8(a) Full-Service Application Preparation
Fedmarket's experts will prepare and complete your firm's SBA 8(a) application for you.

HUBZone Wizard
Fedmarket's proprietary product which was developed to simplify and expedite the HUBZone application process.

HUBZone Program Application eLab - March 15 -16, 2012
A 2-day workshop during which you will, with the assistance of Fedmarket's consultants, complete the paperwork required for HUBZone certification.

WOSB eCertify Workshop  - April 11, 2012
A workshop to facilitate completion of all the documents needed to self certify your company as a WOSB. 

WOSB eCertify Wizard
A do-it-yourself system that walks you through the requirements behind the WOSB certification process.

WOSB Federal Sales Program
Our federal sales program will help you place your WOSB in front of more than 48,000 federal contracting officers.

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