4th Quarter is Around Corner Get Ready to Boost Year End Sales

Boost Your Year-End Sales with an E-Mail Marketing Campaign

Bring your company's product or service to the attention of 75,000 contracting officers (CO)  through an e-mail marketing campaign.

Fedmarket's E-mail List of Federal, State and Local Buyers contains:

  • 75,0001 Contracting Officers e-mail addresses
  • Data presented in a text file for easy import into any sales database
  • 19,919 Department of Defense (DoD) Contracting Officers e-mail addresses
  • 28,420 federal civilian Contracting Officers e-mail addresses
  • 26,6626 state and local Contracting Officers e-mail addresses
  • The list contains Contracting Officers e-mail addresses only (1 field)

Fedmarket's E-mail List of Federal, State and Local Buyers has been updated and all email addresses have been tested for accuracy.

Call 301 652 9504 to learn more about Fedmarket's E-mail List of Federal, State and Local Buyers.

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Why Contact Contract Officers? 

  • They have a broad understanding of what the agency buys.
  • They make the buying decisions for commodities, non-technical products, and routine services.
  • Contracting Officers can tell you who the end users are for complex product and services.
  • Though they may not USE the items you are selling, contracting officers can certainly influence the ultimate decision on which technical or complex products are purchased.
  • Contracting Officers can provide data on past awards such as who has provided what product or service in the past, the price paid and other contract details.
  • They have knowledge of the agency's planned future procurements.

If you're serious about selling to the government, e-mail Contracting Officers today!

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