10 Questions Every CEO Should Ask Before Tackling the Federal Market

Federal agencies annually spend more than $600 billion on everything from toner cartridges to jet planes. The U.S. government is literally the world's largest consumer of goods and services. Federal monies are spent throughout the country and an amazing amount of money is spent outside of the Washington, DC metropolitan area. You can be fairly safe in assuming that the government buys what you sell.

The benefits of the federal market include the potential to earn big dollars, the opportunity to work with loyal and risk adverse customers, and a virtual guarantee that you will get paid. Assuming you break into the market and consistently deliver and perform for your customers, your company will never want to leave it. However, the market is tough to crack. The $64 dollar question is "Can you sell to the feds at a reasonable cost and make a profit?"

To take our quiz, 10 Questions Every CEO Should Ask Before Tackling the Federal Market, click here.

If, after taking the quiz, you had a lot of affirmative answers, then go for it! The government will be loyal customer for life once you cut through the flack.

We can help you break into the federal market.  Fedmarket's offering covers four areas:

  • Professional services - Our subject matter experts specialize in GSA Schedules, federal sales, proposal writing, procurement procedures, and preference programs.
  • Seminars and workshops - The courses offer cover a range of topics relevant to both current and aspiring federal contractors and are delivered through various media: hands-on workshops, seminars, webinars, and Netcasts.
  • Tools and applications - These include quick-start guides, software applications and templates that address and support compliance requirements, proposal writing, GSA Schedule contract management, and other functions central to the success of a federal contractor.
  • Data and research products - Our offered resources span from search engines focused on identifying procurement opportunities, to databases that provide contact information for federal buyers, to in-depth analysis of procurement trends.

At our core, Fedmarket blends a strong dose of reality, strong expertise, and a can-do attitude to help propel those willing to take it to the next level succeed in the federal market. Are you one of our clients yet? 

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