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Richard White's second book "Cracking the $500 Billion Federal Market" examines the challenges faced by small businesses hoping to break into the federal market.

Cracking the $500 Billion Federal Market - Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Chapter 1  The Best Offense is a Good Defense  09
Chapter 2  Make the World's Biggest Customer Your Own  11
Chapter 3  Market Research in the Federal Sector  15
Chapter 4  Become an Insider in the Federal Market17
Chapter 5  Competition and Price Sensitivity in the Federal Market  19
Chapter 6  Are Federal Bids Wired?  21
Chapter 7  Fundamentals of Federal Contracting  23
Chapter 8  Making a Federal Sale  25
Chapter 9  Closing a Federal Sale  29
Chapter 10  Start with the Credit Card and Quick Buy Markets for
  Smaller Transactions  
Chapter 11  Consider Starting as a Subcontractor to a Prime  35
Chapter 12  Selling Directly to Prime Contractors  37
Chapter 13  Pre-approved Government Price List  41
Chapter 14  Getting a Pre-approved Federal Price List for
  Your Company  
Chapter 15  Small Business Preference Programs  47
Chapter 16  Distinguishing Messages Win in the Federal Market  49
Chapter 17  Selling to Federal Agencies Located in Your Backyard  53
Chapter 18  Getting Started in Federal Sales  57
Chapter 19  Don't Get Caught Up in Red Tape  59
Chapter 20  Steps to Take After Winning Your First Federal Contract  61
Chapter 21  Learn How to Write Federal Proposals  63
Chapter 22  Prosper in the Federal Market  65
Appendix A  Finding Federal End Users Who Buy What You Sell  67
Appendix B  The People in the Federal Sales Process and
  Their Motivations  
Appendix C  GSA Schedules - A Vendor's Path to Federal Sales  75
Appendix D  More on Proposal Writing  79

Cracking the $500 Billion Federal Market

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