What is it

A list of email addresses only for federal official buyers.  32,760 unique email addresses from all federal agencies including the Department of Defense.


  • Allows you to reach a large number of buyers in a short period of time
  • Email marketing is affordable


  • Data is available in Microsoft Excel format or Text  for easy import into any sales database
  • List contains buyer email addresses only (1 field)

Email List of Federal Buyers

Fedmarket makes it easy for you to reach out to federal buyers through the Email List of Federal Buyers.  Don't waste your time making phone call after phone call and only reaching a fraction of federal buyers. With an email campaign, you can reach thousands of potential customers all in one day.

Why Contact Buyers?
  • They have a broad understanding of what the agency buys.
  • They make the buying decisions for commodities, non-technical products, and routine services.
  • Buyers can tell you who the end users are for complex product and services.
  • Though they may not USE the items you are selling, buyers can certainly influence the ultimate decision on which technical or complex products are purchased.
  • Buyers can provide data on past awards such as who has provided what product or service in the past, the price paid and other contract details.
  • They have knowledge of the agency's planned future procurements.

E-mail messages are less intrusive than phone calls and give the buyer a chance to absorb your message without feeling an immediate need to respond.

E-mail messages must:

  • Be provocative
  • Convince the end user that you understand their problem
  • Express creative ideas on a solution
  • Contain your contact information so interested customers can get in touch with you (including phone and fax numbers and your e-mail address)
Email List of Federal Buyers

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