What is it

A 60-minute complimentary webinar to help you grasp the nuances and importance of a GSA schedule to federal sales.

Location: Your desktop
Speaker: Richard White

(Registration closes 1 hour prior to broadcast time, late registrations cannot be approved.)

Complimentary Webinar: GSA Schedules 101

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Demystifying GSA Schedules

You may submit your GSA questions to webinar speaker, Richard White, at rwhite@fedmarket.com prior to the webinar.  Mr. White will review all questions and provide answers during the complimentary webinar.

Immerse yourself in the key components of GSA schedules for 60 minutes and walk away with an understanding of how they are awarded, administered and managed. Learn how and why a GSA Schedule can effect how you do business with federal, state and local governments.

GSA schedules are gaining in popularity yet many vendors need answers to these basic questions:

  • What are GSA Schedules?
  • What are the qualifications criteria for obtaining a schedule contract?
  • Which GSA Schedule is right for my business?
  • How long will it take me and how much will it cost me to get on a GSA Schedule?
  • How much money is really contracted through GSA sales?
  • Who are the vendors winning GSA contracts?
  • Why do buyers like GSA Schedules?
  • Why do vendors like GSA Schedules?
  • Should I fear a GSA audit?
  • Can I change my GSA pricing after the award?
  • What are the key factors to writing a proposal the GSA will approve?

How is This Webinar Different

Fedmarket presents this popular class as an outreach for small-to-medium sized businesses that want to learn more about GSA Schedules, but don't want to listen to another government-sponsored "take" on GSA Schedules. One of the largest myths of GSA Schedule pricing is that you must offer "Most Favored Customer Pricing."  In this Webinar, we'll explain why you won't have to offer those rock bottom prices.

Who Should Attend?

GSA Schedules 101 was created for the individual facing the daunting task of understanding the GSA Schedule solicitation and for the executive preparing to hit the streets with a recent GSA Schedule award.

Why Should You Attend?

More and more government purchases are being made through GSA schedules.  Many federal buyers are asking their vendors to get on a schedule if they want to keep doing business with the government.   Understanding  how GSA schedules are awarded, administered and managed is integral to doing future business with the government.

Webinar: GSA Schedules 101: Demystifying GSA Schedules