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GSA Schedules Newsletter Series

  • Finally a Single Service GSA Schedule

    Fedmarket's GSA Specialist can assist you in obtaining or migrating to GSA's single professional service schedule; 00Corp. GSA has finally consolidated service schedules into a single schedule allowing companies with a wide range of services to obtain a... read more

  • GSA Schedules: Fast Way for Contracting Officers to Reprocure

    Contracting offices are short of staff and re-procurements (continuation of a contract without interruption of services) are staff intensive with long lead times. Increasingly, contracting officers turn to existing Multiple Award Contracts (MACS) rather... read more

  • GSA Schedule Contracts Open Doors for Small Businesses

    Don't shut yourself off to MACs, begin by obtaining your GSA schedule contract. The federal government is using Multiple Award Contracts (MACs) more and more as the purchasing method of choice. All MACs publicly posted by federal agencies open and... read more

  • How GSA Orders Are Placed

    GSA Schedules are also unique in that purchases are transacted directly between the federal agency requiring a product or service and the contractor. Any federal agency, anywhere in the world, can place an order using the prices, ordering procedures, and... read more

  • Fitting GSA Schedules to Companies

    "Which GSA Schedule fits my company?" Thatís usually the first question vendors ask, and it's the million-dollar question. The products and services covered by each of the 53 or so Schedules are listed at Follow the "GSA Schedules" links... read more

  • Do Not Write off GSA Schedules

    If you have been following the press on GSA schedules lately you may be having second thoughts about obtaining a GSA schedule for your company. I can't say I blame you, on the surface the news does look grim, but if you dig a little deeper you'll find... read more

  • Public Postings of GSA Schedule Purchases

    A new federal regulation requires that notices of GSA Schedule purchases be posted publicly at FedBizOpps. This will allow all to see what's be transacted through GSA Schedules.  It will give companies not holding Schedule contracts the chance to... read more

  • GSA Schedule Characteristics

    A GSA Schedule is an IDIQ that is ALWAYS open for bid.  GSA schedules are the grandfather of all IDIQs. All schedule contracts share the following four characteristics: They are open to small businesses. A services company can be virtually... read more

  • GSA: The Home of the Oldest IDIQ

    About $40 billion, or 7 plus percent, of last yearís $535 billion in total federal procurement spending was awarded through GSA schedules. The General Services Administration is the central administrative agency of the federal government. GSA is the... read more

  • Do Not Open Yourself Up to Whistle Blowers

    A whistle-blower exposure caused the federal government to claw back $200 million dollars from the Oracle Corporation for GSA schedule Price Reduction Clause violations. In many GSA schedule contractors, the sales organization may not want to know about... read more

  • GSA Schedule Compliance, We have simplified the process

    Like learning to ride a bicycle, analyzing a federal contract to identify its compliance requirements is easy if you have done it before. Meeting the compliance requirements after they have been identified is easy if you: List the compliance... read more

  • More Small Business Opportunities Under GSA Schedule Contracts

    Effective November 2, 2011, the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) was amended to allow federal buyers who want to purchase through GSA Schedule contracts to set aside opportunities for small businesses. This new interim rule may... read more

  • GSA Schedule Price Increases

    GSA Contract Modification: Simplify and accelerate GSA schedule contract modification preparation with Fedmarket's new GSA eModification. When asked about GSA schedule price increase, many of Fedmarket's customers say: "You mean we can increases... read more

  • Are Your GSA Schedule Prices Up to Date?

    GSA Schedule prices can be increased according to the terms of a schedule contract. Seems simple but many GSA contractors do not increase their prices during the entire five years of their contract. Obviously, not requesting price increase can hurt... read more

  • GSA Contract Compliance; Do it Right from the Start

    The most important aspects of contract compliance are: Compliance with restrictions on discounting practices (the biggest risk factor financially) Paying the GSA Industrial Funding Fee (IFF) on time Making best efforts to subcontract according to... read more

  • PRC Compliance; the Most Misunderstood GSA Schedule Requirement

    Non-compliance with the Price Reduction Clause (PRC) clause (violating disclosed discounting practices) can result is return of money to GSA and the dollar amount can pile up if the non-compliance is caught late in the contract period. PRC problems have... read more

  • The Sensitivity of GSA Schedule Contract Modifications

    GSA Schedule contract modification requests are comprised of a series of specific documents required by GSA to change a GSA Schedule contract, e.g., product or service updates, price changes, and name change. The content and format of modification... read more

  • GSA Schedule Changes May Significantly Increase Small Business Contracting

    The federal government has not met its stated goal to send 23% of all federal contracting dollars to small businesses. The shortfall represents around $5 - $6 billion annually. Recently-enacted legislation requires the Small Business... read more

  • Negotiating Your GSA Schedule Prices

    The General Services Administration Acquisition Manual (GSAM) that governs the evaluation of a GSA Schedule proposal contains the rules that govern the evaluation of a GSA Schedule proposal. See: 538.270 Evaluation of multiple award schedule... read more

  • Feeling Restricted by the Number of Labor Categories That GSA will Award?

    Small companies are often handcuffed by GSA's requirement that a labor category cannot be offered to GSA until such time as it has been sold and you have an invoice to document the sale. And how does a small business acquire the required sales history... read more

  • GSA Schedules: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

    GSA Schedule contracting has always been plagued by the impracticality of the "most favored customer pricing" concept and the restrictiveness of the Price Reduction Clause. Yet both haven't kept nearly 20,000 contractors from pursuing the award of a... read more

  • GSA Schedule Compliance: Small Biz and the GSA

    Why not encourage and support small business participation in GSA Schedule contracting by loosening the experience and number-of-years-in-business requirements somewhat? Why not have 100,000 GSA Schedule holders rather than fewer than 20,000? Why... read more

  • GSA Schedule Compliance: Eliminate Industrial Funding Fee

    One answer to this dilemma is to eliminate the Industrial Funding Fee as the funding method for the GSA Schedule Program. Dramatic, yes. But money could be funneled from the notoriously ineffective Small Business Administration to fund the GSA... read more

  • GSA Hourly Rate Dilemma

    Most companies offer services to GSA on an hourly-rate basis. And then federal customers demand fixed-price bids based on your awarded hourly GSA rates. Most experienced federal contractors know that the hourly rate really doesn't matter that... read more

  • Defining Discounting: Are There Any Answers Out There?

    For many, the idea of writing a proposal for a GSA Schedule contract ranks just short of "I'd rather stick my hand in a fire. Both hands. Up to the elbows." The same is true of proposals to extend GSA contracts for 5 more years. Why are GSA... read more

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