10 Secrets to Win with GSA Schedules

Limited Time Offer: Get your GSA Schedule and win federal contract awards.

The Product: GSA Schedule Template

There are 33 different GSA schedules to choose from. Fedmarket offers a GSA PAK for each of these schedules. The template is a do-it yourself proposal writing tool that allows you to write a GSA schedule proposal quickly and compliantly without prior knowledge of GSA solicitation requirements. Priced at only $1200 the template is the most budget friendly solution to the GSA proposal writing task.

The eBook: Grab the Federal Contracting Apple, 10 Secrets to Win with GSA Schedules
(This Kindle Edition is available only through Amazon. Click to access your copy)

You will learn about GSA Schedules using the 10 secrets revealed in this book, which include:

  • Why GSA Schedules are the best IDIQs for small business
  • How pre-approved pricing makes Schedules the purchasing method of choice
  • If Schedules are right for your small business
  • How Schedules smooth the way to federal relationships.

By following the 10 secrets, you will be able to find the GSA Schedule that is right for you, and maximize your chances of selling your products and services to the federal government and beyond.

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